Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nancy Botwin: The Future of Feminism?

I've recently been watching the show "Weeds" and I find solace in the leading lady: Nancy Botwin. (played by the actress Mary Louise Parker)

This character is not admirable, but Nancy is nothing less than a woman. Her mother skills are unbearable to watch: she did not even know her youngest son had turtles as pets for a year and her oldest son was stealing signs and cameras right in front of her. Sometimes I wonder if she even loves her sons, as she is always leaving them out to dry and flounder around like a fish out of water.

The lovers she chooses are scary. And unpredictable. Nancy married the DEA agent to protect her family. She chooses guys that are not good role models to her young sons and rather than choose the guy she actually has chemistry with: Nancy chooses the boring ones, the perverted ones and the drug lords.

But besides all her flaws as a mother and as a lover, Nancy holds her ground. She learns how to deal with the baddest of gangsters and the Mexican mafia. A housewife turned drug dealer, the viewers wonder what her lifestyle was before her husband past away. She seems too good at being bad ass and not letting people push her around too much. Nancy is constantly learning to how to be more successful and make more money. She can wrap her opponents around her finger and get them to do anything for her.

Womanhood is not about being the perfect mother or wife. It's about making things work for you. Although Nancy Botwin is selfish, she the kind of woman I want to be. A strong one.

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